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how much sugar is in a gin & tonic? a Spritz? Vodka Yuzu?

Love Cans all contain different levels of sweetness and sugar but, in general, Love Can premixes are formulated to be less sweet than mainstream premixes currently on the market. Our Yuzu Vodka Soda, for example, contains no added sugar at all. Just vodka and a squeeze of Yuzu juice. Our Gin and Tonic contains around 2.8g of sugar/100ml (which makes it one of the lowest sugar Gin and Tonics available) and our Negroni Spritz contains 5g of sugar/100ml.

HOW many calories are IN A GIN & TONIC? A SPRITZ? VODKA YUZU?

Because our drinks contain alcohol - and alcohol contains calories - sugar is not the only contributing factor to total calories in each can. That said, we formulated all our drinks to be 1.0 standard drinks, so overall calorie calculation isn't a hard equation. Each drink contains just under 70 calories from alcohol before any ingredients are taken into account.  That means our Yuzu contains 70 calories per can, our Gin and Tonic contains 90 calories and our Negroni Spritz contains 120 calories per can.

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